ive played with 10 bucks for 3 weeks now and all i got to show for it is 197 fpp. i swear that all these micro and low limits poker is just for donks to win cause all i do is play the best hands and still go out early or just to go real good till i hit the money then go out early in the money. im so tired of going out earley cause some donk called all in with J-A os. when i had KK. im going to have to study for a while then start playing higher limits where people play better poker and aint just there gambling every hand. thanks for your time and i will post as soon as i know how i do in higher limits and i hope that post is nothing loke this one. my next post should be in around 20 days please leave any comments that might help me in the future and as soon as i have a winning pattern i will post it for you thank you for your time and reading my post i will be posting back soon.