I thought this video was great because it offered a really simple explanation of starting hands and how to play them. When first starting poker, it can be very difficult to know where to start, and often you think you might have a great starting hand when really you do not. It explained what a "monster hand" is, and described hands that just arent worth playing. 7/2 is the worst starting hand while AA, QQ, KK are the best. If you are able to make sure you call when its worth it and start off with a great hand then you will have the best start possible. I find it difficult in the smaller tounaments to know when to call in an all-in fest, where every player at the table is shoving. It was nice to have it put so simply like this because it makes pre flop play much easier. Then once you see the flop obviously the game changes quite a bit but i will have to watch some more videos for that... This video is a great tutorial for a beginner who is not sure about hand quality when  looking at their starter hand, often players will play anything "just in case" but if you watch this video then you will see that this can be pointless and just wasting your chips. Cant wait to watch some more videos like this so that i can learn more! i also liked that this video was short so i didnt have to devote a lot of time to watching it.