:mrgreen:   This is going to be the year. 
     As long as I can remember,  i have wanted to take my family back to Ireland.  I bleed green. 
     My cousins have been back to our hometown, been in the church that our great grandparents were baptized in, smelled the soil that our ancestors bled for and were buried in, seen our family name on the main street in Dublin.   The famine/potato blight forced our families exodus from Ireland and I want to go back.
     PSO is going to make that possible for me.  I love playing poker.  From 5 and 7 card stud to No Limit Hold'em and even slots and video poker, I play them all.  Up until recently I thought that I was a pretty good player.  I tended to be a bit aggressive and my downfall was not knowing when to get up and walk away from the game.  I was mediocer at best. 
     How many times have you, Dear Reader, sat at a table with a winning pile in front of you and said to yourself, "Just 3 more hands and I'll get back that sum I just lost and I'll get up and cash in."? A couple of hours later your pile has dwindled away to nothing and you are kicking yourself in the butt for not getting up when you were winning.  I always wanted that last loss back and it has cost me.
     I now have a purpose, a reason for walking away even if the winnings are not as much as I would wish them to be.  I have taken the first two tests in school and passed.  My grades should have been better but I passed them.  I will probably go back and try again to get a better score if thats possible because I want to be the best player I can.
     My favorite players, in no particular order, are Chris Ferguson, Doyle Brunson, Vanessa Rousso, Phil Helmuth and of course, high on the list, Daniel Negreanu.  And yes, I love watching them play too.
     I watched Patrik Antonius lose over $500K to Dwan on TV last night.  Even though you could almost feel the anger and the depression radiating from Patrik, he remained calm and walked away with his dignity intact.  I know a few people that would not be as forgiving.  I don't play games with them anymore.
     I want to be that type of player.  Not only is he a good loser but also a humble winner.  I also want to be able to enter a tour with $250K and know that I can afford to lose it.  I don't plan on losing it but there is that unlikely possibility.  LOL  Right now, $100 is a bit more than I can afford to lose.
     I want to do what others before me have done.  For instance, Chris Ferguson entered a couple of free tours and parlayed his winnings to 100K.  When Dwan entered the playing field, he did so by winning on-line.  When did they make their first million and what was going through their heads when they did?  I want to know that feeling.
     I'm sure that it will take more than a year but within a relatively short period of time, I want to take my whole family, those who would like to go, on an all expense paid trip to Ireland thanks to PSO.
     I better get to studying.