I assume iam good player.. I have decent results @the micro stakes. 

2plo, 5plo, 10plo.  I havnt managed to beat 25plo.

Goal of this blog is to show how iam rebuilding my bankroll (Cashed down to 80$s) Playing from 2plo - 100plo by the end (if varience allows)

So Far. Iam up 50$s from 2plo. BR: 130.00

Ive always been a bankroll nit, I find that if i play out of my comfort zone i tend not to make the best decisions, and if i play too comfortably i play recklessly, hence my Bankroll management must be somewhere in between comfortable/reckless/scaredmoney. I like 40-50buyins for any given stake.

BR Management: This allows for 40 buyins + 10buyin shot.

80 - 250:  2plo
250 - 500: 5plo
500 - 1250: 10plo
1250 - 2500: 25plo
2500 - 5000: 50plo
5000 - 10000: 100plo

I will post updates and Hands. Even if no one reads this it will be good in the end for me to reflect upon all that i have learned.

GL everyone and Run good.