So, I couldn't write yesterday ( on really, I was very tired and very angry), but I have had very, very weird sessions in those 2 days. 

I think I have never seen so much bad beats in my life.... 

Let's see what happened:

Day 4

Bads... Bads...

I was in a very good position... Almost winning my first 90p tournament on this challenge.. and then.

QQ vs AQ

Ok... give me some AA and let me play

AA vs QQ

Ok... I'm short stacked, but I have kings, maybe I can get back right? right?

KK vs A9

When I started to get lucky....

A3 vs J8 vs 99

And not a bad beat... but.... but... look...

QQ vs QQ vs KK


Goods goods =D



One fold that saved me 

AK vs 77 vs KK

And I can have luck too right?

34 vs TQ vs A5


TT vs 88


So in the end, I lost a lot, going down to $70, but with some good results, I could get back, and  finish the day with around $77.


Day 5

This day didn't started very well.. I really, really need to stop playing the first session, I have lost every single tournament that I have played. Too bad... 

I have tried to play $ 0.25 to minimize losses, but get experience... but even that way, it's not profitable...

After the first session my bankroll was around $74.

In the second session I have played some 45p and 90p, and OpenSkill and FreeRoll, and I think the adjustments are on the right way... I'm reaching the money in all the freerolls that I'm playing. 

After some tournaments I reached my first goal of this challenge:

* Win 1 90p $0.50 tournament

And then I tried something very risky... I tried to play on the $1 90p tournament... And I really enjoyed it. 

And I was going very well... I have reached the final table... and I was chip leader... and I was probably going to get a very good result... but then, these 2 hands happened. 

AQ vs A4

AQ vs T2

And then this guy won the tournament in the first hand of the heads up with another bad beat.... Sometimes poker is really not fair... but... even with this, I've got a nice 3rd place, and a good boost on my bankroll 

oh.... Before the bankroll.... One last hand

In this hand, I don't understand how after a check re-raise, someone can still keep on the hand with NOTHING.... that's why I am really trying to cut a lot my bluffs, and doing more value bets.

TT vs K8





So, I'm feeling really tired, but I'm very happy with the results, and I think I will finish this challenge successfully. =D

Tomorrow is probably the last day I will play on this weed and in the next, because I have a trip .

So my schedule is to study a lot... Finish the Kill Everyone, and maybe the harrington's books (Vol 1 e 2 and maybe 3).

Ohhh.. If I reach $100, I will move on to $1 tournaments 


Ohhh, I have received one ticket to the Big Bang Tournament , but I'm not sure if I will be able to play, because of my trip ...


Thanks, and please leave me some feedback