Hello =D


So, today I have played in 2 sessions... So let´s see what happened...

Session 1

I have played around 2h, and 12 tournaments. Finally I could reach the money, but my best result was a 4th place. 

Even if I have reached the money in 2 or 3 tables, I have ended losing this session...

I forgot to save hands... 


Session 2

This one I could play a little better... Well, some good results... 

* 3 Tournaments In the money

* One 7th place in a 90p tournament

* One 1st place in a 45p tournament 

I could save some hands to review.. So let's see:

AK vs TT vs AA


My reads on this hands was:

Pre-flop: After my raise, and a shove... I put the player 7 on the following Range (AQ, AJ, TT, JJ, QQ, KK, AA) and the player 5 on the almost the same range.

FLop: Player 7 took the lead and bet first, So I was pretty sure I was beat, and folded.. 

A2 vs J6


Not too much to talk about this, just that a straight flush is so awesome ...

So, I could end winning today =D, and recovering all lost money, and get a little positive...



Thanks =D