Hello =]





So that's my first post, and I would like to start with this challenge, for me.

I have been following http://acoimbra.com/ , and his challenge to make $100K in 1 year. So I have tried the same, but I think that 1 year planning is just too much, and I do prefer to make the challenge a little bit more on my way.

So, I think it's best to keep it smaller and more manageable. Then I decided to make a lot of smaller challenges, so I can evaluate where I am a lot of times, and I can see what I'm doing right or wrong before fail on a HUGE challenge. So that's will be the format of my challenge.

So that's how I'm starting my challenge:



My challenge is to double up my money in 1 month, and that's are the rules:

- I will play tournaments that I have At least 100 buy ins (So for now $0.50);

- I won't reload my money, So if I get without money, I will use freerolls;


And for now I have these goals:

- Win at least 1 90P $0.50

- Win at least 1 90P %1.00

- Reach $150 in 1 month;

- Reach SilverStar in 1 month;


That's it for now.