Hi all

i am back in pokerland to pickup playing again so i chose a video of a game i like to play and wich i finished my summer sessions of poker with.

it's the video below


It's a sort of step back because i concluded major flaws in my play  so i mostly started reading and reading and reading and then some more reading. and then i saw that pokerschool was redecorated so is started reading again here.

then suddenly i saw this millionaire deal and thougt what a better place to start with this missions and find my way back onto the felt rithem and try to realy iron out my flaws,

So here i am picking up my 6max again as a start, picking up where i left of and start with the video i saw last when i was playing the premier league and found myself loosing and loosing till i tilted and ended my play.

So for anyone of u readers if ur interested to leave a comment or reach out a hand my mind is open and willing to learn the only question is if i am also able to understand what i am reading and finaly get a grasp of a game i truely do love playing but i somehow keep playing fishy in high peaks and low drops.

I also realy look forward to try my luck and try again to exercise my readings and see how i develloped or even fall down again and then to conclude i have to start all over to get it right!

my optimistic mind set in these is that i somehow never will get worse so i say....

shuffel up and deal