Well most of u maybe think poker players will blow it on games or live events! I would first buy myself a HUD to easy up my play a little and second i would go on a well deserved holliday with my wife and kids.

U ask why? just because i am a construction working full time husband and father of two who's also try to get a degree and move up in the world and that every little bit of spear time goes into poker.

So u can imagine tha there sometimes is a littlebit of a fight here and there but i never forget that my family comes first!

But the feeling i had from winning a few great hand in a live game in the local casino lited up the fire so bad that i now am searching dayby day to get a better player.

thinking trough descissions, replaying hands, looking at training video's and so on and so on.

My $5000 dollar there for would be spread even! Spoiling my kids and wife and keeping a nice part to play and learn and maybe go up and play some higher stakes. And i sure as **** would buy myself a HUD.

Love for the game, love for the tables, love for the Feeling But Most of all Love for live ad love for my family!!

Hope to See u all at the tables