i know i have inpromoved my game way much more the last year then before but now i have to fix my 3 major leaks

1: focus, playing over tired don't giving a damn all that sort of things

2: constant playing, fixing my swing levels and then i mean changing my better descission with horrible ones while i sure as hell know better at the moment

3: and be more aware of my bankroll, if i don't make the big prize pool so be it and adjust again

i know i don't have a lot of playing time and have to do it in the time i have but i sure as hell know for sure i can make this happen this year

so yesterday for the last time i blew my $20 just for the hell of it!! and after my first bad beat of the year i am gonna shift my attentition
No more result oriented descissions, no more bad calls when this little voice tells u your beat and u are

focus consistancy and management and we will see what it will bring me

first Goal:

earn myself software like pokertracker!!!!!