first of all i have to look at myself for making wrong plays or descissions and loose but i write it down and trie to avoid it next time.

but i must spill it out for this weekend the bad beat scenario was high again. The Pso i messed up now 2 times was my own flaw but i am also playing small MTT tours and over there is u follow the rules of MTT u get sucked out more often if it´s to difficult for all the shove monkeys to lay down there hands when there is real money involved.

the pushing is even worse and when u say i will loose a hand like AK suited 1 out of 5 times well let me tell u i had punched u in the face after my last tour.

playing it 3 times in a row, different ways and lost them all just because the refuse to lay down.

JT call my shove gets a Q98 flop, raising 4 BB early get Called by T2 s in middle and floppes 3 straight hearts, a button steal wich i reraise 4 times his raises get picked off to all in with 98 and flop comes JT7. thats 3 strikes and ur out

U guys think another winer in the forum buts that´s not it, i just want to ventilate my frustration.

all the tips of being patience, pick ur spot, be agressive when needed, don´t be affraid to fold got me jack shit till now lol. some of the hands payed off realy wel so i finished in the money. followed to be kicked out with KK so i couldn´t reach the big prices.

i must say that the difficult hands lik 98s are the ones who give me the big stacks and thepremium hands took it all away just because i end up getting shoved

so if anyone has extra tips and trics or is willing to teach plssss help lol

it stays an amazing game