Yestersday i went trough all sort of mind states to finish positive after the 155 finish on 11.00 hour( europe time) and it was more difficult then i thought. The first and THE second after THE 11 i finished in 2300 seeing all sorts of muck cards or marginal cards Oop in THE first hour ending up aroun 1000 chips. The first tour trying to steal i stumbled my 77 from the cutoff straight into the arms of 2 beautyfull queens. THE second i folded about 40 hands because i have 3 total fools on my table shifting Turns of going all in and get rewarded time after time. When it finaly was my turn getting AQ in the SB and saw everybody folding to me accept The buttonfool i went for it and called his Shove. Right behind me the BB was also sick and tired of the guy and calls out of the blue. My horror became reality when i see the cards come out. KJs for the button and T6 for the BB, flop comes and J T T,turn 6 etc. Busted out again. Frustrating but who said it would be easy!!!!