finaly i get the feeling after almost 4 years of playing i found myself on a learning streak!! i almost learned everything i know by reading and playing but never found any feedback because i've almost no people around me playing and loving this game.

i am a father of 2 and started a studie again to climb the social ladder and my free time i like to play poker. watching my BR because i've to take care of my family.

Suddenly i stumbled into the (old) PSO last june and found out that i was getting feedback on my posted mistakes and even on my more seldom terrific plays lol

todat the 11.00 PSO(european time) it finaly payed out make small hand plays result in huge chip counts in front om me reaching around  the 300 and getting a nice stack

suddenly my son needs my attention and i had to sit out for a moment  and when i came back i misplayed a TT by going all in after a raise and get called by a shortstack SB ending up with 3 in a QJ4 flop u guess what happend i finished again but for the first time i had the feeling i did nothing wrong except the last hand wich i shall post becaus i am curious ifit was so wrong or just mistimed

greetings to all