Hello guys I am Nirnay from india and play at my own college, Here there is good action going on all the time.I am playing poker since 3and a half years. We presently play here at 1000INR buyin which is roughly (17$) where the blinds are 10INR/20INR(.17$/.34$). My profits have been pretty consistent since the past year being 1,000,00 INR plus(around1700$) while the maxim loss at any sitution being 10k. Befre this year my profit was around 1,000,00 INR for the initial 2 years where we played lower stake games of 500INR buyin(8$). I recently rounded in poker clubs here for 80 hours in 5 days but do not have the confidence to play there  and not able to perform there as well as i play in my homegames. I was totally down 3000INR(50$) wherein my max loss in a day being 7k and the max profit being 5k. I  need some tips on how to play theese bigger games wherein the min buyin is 2500(21$) and the blinds are 50 flat (.8$ flat). The action at theese tables is bzerk as the 2.5 table turns into a 5k min table in 1.5hrs and into a 10k  min table in 2.5 hrs. Need help on how to change my game when this massive increase of stacks occur. I hope some one can give me a proper sense of direction on how to play postflop and how to extract maximum value out of situations while at the same time being aggressive and protecting my hand.