Today was a Beautiful day in Southern Michigan. We have snow on the ground but the sun was out and would have been an Excellent day to go Rabbit hunting but i played in the 10am PSO and placed 36th when i pushed with Q 10, the best cards I've seen in a while but the other guy had A Q. The blinds got to where i had to make a move but afterwards i played a couple cash games and made a few bucks. I think now i will go get some Rabbits. Good Luck to all the players and hope to see you all on the tables, for i like a good challenge and constantly switching up my game style like Gus Hansen. I played 5 6c after a guy raised pre flop, just had that good ole gut feeling, I flopped 2 pair, he bet, i pushed, he called with A A and doubled up, 3 hands later played A 5d and rivered a flush when the other guy bet then I pushed, he called with Q 7d to find out i had the Bigger flush. I just Love days like today, time to go hunting.