You may have noticed Pokerstars are running a promotion called The Dream Team, where Pokerstars players have the opportunity to win a million dollars .

It would be great if a Poker School Online member managed to win this brilliant prize, so are you giving yourself a chance at this life changing prize ?

Pokerstars are running two freerolls daily with prizepools of $777 and $999 the $777 one is the Christiano Ronaldo freeroll and the $999 one is the Ronaldo Nazario one.

The first place prize in these freerolls is less than a hundred dollars, so which would you prefer a chance at a million dollars or less than a  hundred dollars ?

I think the answer is easily a million dollars, so why do I see so many players treating this freeroll like any other freeroll going all in with any two cards, I would have thought the objective for the first fifteen minutes of these freerolls is survival trying to win the Dream Team ticket, I know its a long shot, but you never know . You could even just register and sit out the first fifteen minutes then practice your push/fold strategy until you build a deep stack.

The other situation I find hard to understand is Pokerstars had around 180,000 players on its site one day recently when I played on of these freerolls but only around 30,000 entered the freeroll , don't the other 160,000 players who are actually logged onto Pokerstars want a chance at a million dollars.

Then there are the millions who are supposed to hold Pokerstars accounts , I would have thought a chance of winning a million dollars for free was an opportunity to good to miss .

Also with the Dream Team promotion Pokerstars are setting players challenges to try and win other prizes and also a shot at the million dollar promotion.

I have nearly completed the cash game challenge playing 9 man ZOOM and have received two $5 prizes so far and multiple entries to the all in shootouts .

The easiest way to complete the tournament or sit'n'go challenge is probably the 2c hypers for those with a small bankroll, giving you a shot at the prizes on offer.

The spin and go challenge is most likely going to be the challenge with the biggest amount of variance .

So good luck everyone in the Dream Team promotion .