We all know anything can happen in poker and does, I have lost a hand when 98% favorite on the flop .

I witnessed another such incident on the 5NL Zoom pool today where a player 4xBB utg and gets two callers, the flop is 42A and utg checks which looks suspicious, the third player on the button cbets and gets two callers . What have they got that they are check calling with, this is starting to look even more suspicious .

On the turn the button fires another cbet and gets two callers again, now I am going to tell you I am the player on the button and I have a set of deuces, but I am not happy and thinking what should I do if the utg player bets big on the river, does it not scream a set of aces, but no need to sweat on this one as Pokerstars has saved me with a deuce on the river.

My opponet does lead on the river and I scoop a nice pot and they did hold aces and river a fullhouse.

Just wanted to write this so maybe my opponent will know I have been on the other side of the coin .

Good luck at the tables.