I would like to thank Poker School Online for the ticket to the Sunday  Storm I played last night, Sunday the 7th September 2014, I won the ticket in the thread about how to play AK for the PSO podcast and had my question chosen for the show.

This is how my Sunday Storm panned out, my first table saw some crazy all ins two hundred and fifty big blinds deep, with speculative cards like suited rags, I was dealt some good hands, but decided to stay patient and not gamble on an all in early.

One hand of note a player went all in on the river with a huge over bet around ten times the pot with a king high flush, this recklessness  got the reward it deserved when the player was called by the ace high flush the only hand likely to call.

At the 40/80 big blind level I am dealt QQ and isolate three limpers with a raise , I get two callers and continuation bet on a king high flop and take the pot down.

More limping is occurring at my table at the 50/100 level, I am dealt TT in the big blind and make an isolation raise again, the flop is nine high and I continuation bet again, this time I am called , the turn is a king , fortunately for me my opponent checks down the turn and river as they were drawing to a gut shot.

At the 125/250 level I am dealt AK under the gun , I make my standard raise and the big blind calls, on a 8h2s6c flop my opponent donk bets, I decided to call and see what happens on the turn , my opponent checks a queen of diamonds, I bet and take down a nice pot.

With thirty big blinds I make some questionable folds, but when the blinds reach 200/400 I have to play AQ under the gun, I get three callers on a table which is loose passive, the flop is a good one , with just over a pot size bet I shove all in on JhAc5h and get three folds.

The next interesting hand I am dealt JJ under the gun plus one , I had observed the under the gun player raising a lot from that position like it was the new button , I thought they would just fold if I shoved all in with my fifteen big blind stack after they raised so I flatted to see if I could gain any more chips that way, I did not the player checked a Ten high flop and I took it down with a continuation bet.

A new player is seated at my table at the 300/600 level in the big blind they have a fifty big blind stack , the under the gun player with less than a big blind goes all in and I have Aces , I raise and the new player re-raises me so I shove my eight thousand chip stack all in and get called by Ac3h, my Aces hold and I double up.

At the 400/800 level I open AcJs from middle position into a big stack big blind they call and the flop is 2c6d4c, for some reason I felt I was going to be check raised on this flop, so check when the big blind checks , the turn is a Tc , I think I misplayed this hand , I called hoping to hit a club when the big blind bet , I think I should either shove or fold.

Soon after I am dealt JJ in the big blind and a player shoves fourteen big blinds with AQ and I win a flip.

When I have gone deep in tournaments there is usually a hand that I have to recover from, the next hand we are at the 500/1000 level and a player shoves twelve times the big blind and I have QQ I reshove but the big blind wakes up with AA.

The recovery started when I am dealt A3d on the button , it is folded around to me and I shove at the 800/1600 level and get called by KJ and I win the hand.

One of the players at the table is set on gambling now and wins a hand with 32o against QQ all in pre flop.

After the bubble I am dealt KK and get three customers from my shove, one had 69o, my cowboys hold.

The next hand is interesting I am dealt AK with less than sixteen big blinds, a player from early position raises three times the big blind another goes all in and I am convinced another one of the crazy players will come along , I felt AK does not play well in a four way pot, where most likely someone has a pair and the other player has my outs, I did some work with an equity calculator and I think I would have less than 25% equity, I folded .

I am getting short now shove KJ from late position and take down the blinds, fold 88 when I should have shoved even though I would have ran into AA and 99, but I cannot win a flip when I hold AQ against a late position raise with 55.

So I finished 1651st out of 35487 thanks for the ticket Poker School Online.

I probably did not play every hand I played correctly, some very tight folds that worked out for me this time, that’s the way I play the Sunday Storm using patience and discipline when all the other players seem to be going crazy on a Sunday.

I would encourage members to take advantage of  Poker School Online free Sunday Storm ticket competition , that can be won through the pod cast, my bankroll has increased because of the free ticket and some luck in the tournament.

On another note I recently had my second tournament win in a 20FPP tournament , when you get that win it’s a great feeling after taking so many bad beats and losing coin flips at crucial stages and I could not of done it without the lessons learnt at Poker School Online .