It may be obvious to some players the subject I am going to blog about today with the title Push It, I am going to blog about when I go into push and fold mode in Multi Table Tournaments , also showing my age with the video above hope you enjoyed it.

On Sunday and Monday I played two Multi Table Tournaments, one was The Eye of the Trainer tournament which I final tabled .

In both tournaments early on my stack was shrinking as I missed flops and could not get calling stations to fold.

In the first tournament on Sunday I was dealt aces with a stack under fifteen big blinds, I min raised instead of Pushing It and going all in and was pot commited on a T98 flop, my calling station opponent had floppped the nut straight.

Now we move onto Monday night and The Eye of the Trainer tournament where I again was getting a short stack , mostly because KJ out flopped my AJ. I was now in Push Fold stage of the torunament again and I was not going to get fancy again after seeing a player at my table min raise Kings and be eliminated by A9h when they turned a flush.

So I picked my spots and increased my stack by continually pushing all in , targetting the sit outs and getting lucky with pushable hands when in small blind versus big blind.

The key hand of the tournament for me I was dealt QQ and had the decision to shove or raise , I shoved and the big blind tanked and called off his tournament life with 33 . The reason I think pushing is a better play is because some players who are calling stations are going to call regardles if I raise or shove, so I think shoving is the better play, I know this will not work everytime, but the play has meant some deep runs in tournaments for me . Say I min raise my Queens the big blind calls and the flop is king high now what , the threes may bluff , do I check if checked to with my short stack, if I continuation bet I am commited, no really good solutions and if I do win a pot its only a small one , better to go all in and have the chance to double up and sometimes its very surprising what players will call you with, I got called by K8o in the Eye of the Trainer tournament , another double up there where I go from short stack to healthy stack.

Another play I see is where an aggressive player suddenly resorts back to raising , this happened on Monday, where a player raised instead of shoving, this screamed strength to me so I folded KQ, they had QQ.

So there are my thoughts on when to go into Push Fold mode, some players think its not skiillful enough, I disagree knowing when to Push It is a skill , what do you think?

Thanks for reading.