The New Year has brought us many new promotions on Pokerstars and Poker School Online, we really are spoilt for choice as Pokerstars and PSO roll out the New Year.

2014 started for me with the Daily Challenges and the 10K Festive Freeroll, I managed to cash in the 10K Festive Freeroll placing 164/759, my tournament came to an end when my Queens could not lay a bad beat on Aces.

The first All In Shootout I could not manage a cash when I only had to beat a few hundred players, I have cashed a few times since and it is always a nice surprise when you get the email saying you cashed , I have not managed a major cash yet , but every little cash helps.

Two other promotions I have taken advantage of are the Jump Start promotion and the PSO Chrome Boost promotion I should never have a better chance of achieving Chrome Star status with the Jump Start I had thanks to Pokerstars.

The second Saturday of the month brought back the welcome Big Bang tournament with a bigger prize pool, . My tournament came to an end  when I went all in with AK against a LAG with under fifteen big blinds, only this time the LAG woke up with QQ and I did not improve, that’s three tournaments recently where I have AK and do not win the ensuing coin flip .

Last nigh I played a tournament for UK and Ireland players with a £2014 prize pool with two rebuys and  an add on, again I got into a coin flip situation  big blind on small blind my 66 versus AJ, the Jack of spades played when the board went runner runner spades, another great promotion with lots of value, I think it will be a monthly event, cannot wait for the next one.

Pokerstars and PSO have started the year on a great note cannot wait to see what the rest of 2014 brings.