The year 2014 will be my tenth year playing poker as far as my dodgy memory can recall, I think it was June 2004 I started playing poker , although I had tried to learn how to play with my nana years early but could not grasp how to play from an old encyclopedia and went back to playing gin rummy with my nana.

Soon after discovering poker on television I looked for a site to play on the computer, I cannot remember which site I first joined but was soon hooked playing play money, it seemed so easy, learning the simple strategy learnt from the television just playing pocket pairs and broadway cards.

The site I was playing on decided to change their play money side to try and get more players into the real money section. Not being confident about playing for real money I looked around the internet for learning resources about poker and luckily I found Poker School Online, this is just what I needed and signed up.

At Poker School Online you could play deep money tournaments starting with 10,000 chip stacks , I really enjoyed these tournaments. While taking a mentorship course on MTT play at PSO I was to learn a skill that has made me lots of chips since and surprisingly still works.

Poker School Online was a very good site but did not seem like it was viable on its own and tried to go different directions with different companies that did not work out, then when it looked like PSO would be lost Pokerstars stepped in and what a great partnership this has turned out to be, with great promotions, an array of learning tools and helpful staff.

Pokerstars and Poker School Online is a great partnership and I visit both sites almost daily, thanks for a great 2013 and look forward to a prosperous 2014.