My Micro Millions 5 adventure started in event five a $3.30 buy in NLHE event, was not pleased how I lost my stack in this tournament after a few limps a player before me isolated the limpers, I 3bet with QQ and my opponent called, flop came down AA8, I cbet and my opponet shoved, I felt they did not have an ace, which they did not they had 88, not a good start to the series and made me think less about playing the tournaments starting late at night.

Micro Millions 32 Sunday Storm Special Edition was to be a better tournament for me , I had some big hands and they mostly held up except for my KK which was crushed by quad tens, but I had a big enough stack to survive this encounter, I eventually placed 494 out of 39509.

The next tournament I played was event 66, would have played more of the NLHE events but the start times did not favour my sleep pattern, no cash in this $2.20 event.

Micro Millions 76 was the next tournament I played a $2.20 event placing 826 out of 20208 for another cash.

Saturday afternoon I played Micro Millions 84 a $8.80 NLHE event , I had another cash in this one placing 671 out of 10289, I got my stack all in pre with KK versus AK , but an ace on the flop and river sealed my fate.

Sunday was main event time , but I was not feeling good about playing this tournament after a terrible nights sleep, I thought about not playing as I was not properly prepared for such a long tournament, but as you do not get to play for a million dollars for $22 gave in and as it turned out should have listened to my instincts as I was card dead in the critical stages of the tournament.

Overall a good series which could of been great if I could have turned one of my deep runs into something special, the KK versus AK in particular.

Thankyou Pokerstars look forward to the next series.