Managed to place 20th out of 354 in The Big Bang tournament this weekend, here is how I managed to place 20th.

Early on in the tournament I spewed a few chips with A5 on A34 flop when I knew I was out kicked and praying for a two, opponent had AT but bet so small I was getting good implied odds.

Next hand I play I have TT and open for 3xBB, my opponent 3bets to 6xBB, I think he has aces and go set mining, I do not know why this raise size is so popular it seems like FPS to me , anyway I hit my ten bingo, you gave me the odds with your aces your mistake, I check and the player with aces puts me all in but for 25 chips I raise and show him the bad news. Later I am sure they were complaining in a foreign language about this hand , how unlucky they were.

The next two hands of impotance shows you have to win coin flips to go deep in a tournament, you can not wait to be a big favorite all the time.

I have 77 on the button and its folded to me, I raised the button before and the small blind had shoved on me, expecting the same to happen again I plan to call if they do this again, they do , I call and they show AK, sevens hold.

Now its bubble time and I am dealt QQ back to back, the three players to my left first time I have QQ are all short so I shove, second time the BB has a big stack, so I decide to raise, they 3bet half their stack, I think for awhile and remember the phrase go for the win not the min cash, so I shove they have AK, I hold again and I have a decent stack.

We are in the money now and players are stealing relentlesly, I shove over a button steal and gain some chips.

I am now dealt AQ in middle position, under the gun shoves and they have me covered, because of their position at the table I fold, suspecting a middle pair, another player calls, 99 v JJ flop Qxx oh no, turns a 9 and river is Q, so I dodge that elimination.

Later I am dealt KK but get no action, then pick up KQ on the button with an M of about 5 easy shove unless the big blind is dealt AA, at least my chips went to another PSO player.