My table at the WBCOOP Main Event started out very aggressive and loose, there were three Russian players and their style of play was really annoying two other players, one from Brazil and one from the Netherlands, the chat from the Dutch guy was horrible.

I decided to play tight while all this aggressive play was taking place and blinds were small, then I was dealt QQ , there was a raise under the gun from a Russian player raising into a player sitting out, my read was this player could be playing any two cards, I 3bet and the villain flatted, the flop came down all low cards with a flush and straight draws, the Russian check raised me all in for about eighty big blinds, tough decision against a crazy russian, I folded still dont know if it was correct decision, they could have draw, set, two pair or just be full of it, but I thought I could out play these crazies and we were very deep stacked.

For the next part of the tournament I was severly card dead and the other players were obviously targetting me for steals, so I knew I was going to have to start re-stealing when the opportunity arrised.

Around this point another PSO member seated at my table and kept flatting my raises, so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I did not have a big enough stack to cbet after my raises when my opponent most likely had me beat anyway and the LAG's were attacking my blinds, so as I saw it , it was time to fight aggression with aggression before I was blinded out.

A late register arrived at the table his name Daleroxxu you may have heard of him, he is a Pokerstars Pro, could my table get any worse. He started by raising every hand, at this point my stack is around twenty big blinds an ideal resteal stack, I shoved over one of Dale's opens and he folded.

Then this hand happened I am dealt 88 in big blind, aggressive Russian who had been opening my blind every opportunity raised , Dale called and two other players called, the dead money in the pot is around half my stack, I expected a player with a better pair than mine to reraise, so this is an excellent spot to leverage fold equity and if I am called I do have a pair, so I shoved.

What the !!!!!!

Dale back raises to isolate me, has he got aces, then another player calls, whats going on ?

Here's the answer .

So thats my WBCOOP Main Event over, I checked Dales twitter to see what he made of the hand, he reckons I was shoving a 20-50 big blind stack loads of times, when I only did it once before the final hand and I only had around 25 big blinds , the tricks the mind plays.

Thanks for reading.