Here is an update on my WBCOOP tournaments so far.

I really enjoyed the Badugi tournament in the Sunday Million Mission promotion so I decided to play Event Three, I was obviously the fish at my first table in this event, but it was a good learning experience, but did not cash.

Event Eight was a NLHE tournament and was seated at a crazy table, it was a Sunday, anyway my aces were beaten by K6o and I was on the rail.

Event Eleven was a NLHE/PLO tournament, I am really weak at PLO so just played really tight, in one hand I had ATQQ and flopped a fullhouse when my opponent had trips, so I doubled up. I managed to grab a $16.50 ticket this time finishing 36th out of 459.

Event Thirteen was 4 Max NLHE tournament, I busted out of this one losing a coin flip with AK v TT.

Halfway point and two tickets and an entry in the main event, thankyou Pokerstars.