After receiving my tickets for the 2013 WBCOOP on Pokerstars I had to decide which tournaments I wanted to play, go for the NLHE ones, which is my main game or choose a different form of poker which most likely have smaller fields.

I decided to play event one a deep stack NLHE tournament, I also had decide if to late register or not, I decided to play from the beginning to practice deepstack poker.

After about half an hour my stack had slowly decreased, the only notable hand where I flopped two pair, but my opponent turned a flush.

About this time my niece was visiting us and wanted her uncle to play schools, not poker school either, so I had to leave the poker for awhile, but managed to convince my niece i was pretending to play schools on the computer.

My next playable hand I am dealt QQ and make my standard raise which the big blind flat calls, the flop is 4xJhTh, the big blind donks into me, so I raise them with my overpair, my read on this opponent was that they were a bit of a maniac, so when they shove its an easy call they show A3d and I double up.

From now until the bubble I win a few small pots, lose a few small pots. With the money approaching I nit up and fold AK and AQ from early position as just winning the blinds would not improve my position alot and I did not want a coin flip at this stage.

After the bubble bursts I shove A9o from late position, the big blind calls and shows JJ, the flop shows two hearts and unfortunately for my opponent I have the ace of hearts and hit the runner runner flush.

The place for the $11 ticket is now approaching and I am dealt 99, I raise and a player 3bets me , I check how many are left in the tournament, one more player left before I can claim my $11 ticket, so I use my timebank until they are eliminated and then shove the rest of my chips in the pot to be called by QQ, I hit a set, but my opponent rivers a flush.

Thanks for the opportunity to win the ticket Pokerstars.