My best moment playing poker on Pokerstars so far happened in 2010, I won $3 in the PSO League which I used to buy into three Facebook tournaments which Pokerstars ran at the time. I managed to cash three times in these tournaments which meant I won a step ticket. I was able to carry on the winning streak through the steps and win a $215 ticket which I used to play in the Sunday Million.

When the final step got down to three players and I was near to getting my ticket was the time I have been the most excited playing poker as my average buy in is around five dollars. I was dealt 66 on the button, I raised and the shortest stack of the three of us went all in, I knew I had to call and was flipping for a $215 ticket, they had J9s, I managed to fade a Jack or a nine and I won the $215 ticket and the chance to play my first Sunday Million.

In the Sunday Million I had two hands where I was a favourite and if I had won I think I would of cashed in my first Sunday Million, but that’s poker.

The first of these hands I was dealt AJo in the small blind I had a read on the big blind who had already lost half their stack and felt that if nobody else raised before and it was my turn to play and if I raised the big blind would just shove all in. So what should I do risk over half my stack in my first Sunday Million small blind versus big blind with AJo or just fold. I decided to raise and my read was correct as the big blind shoved, I called and they had JTo, I thought I was in good shape until the flop hit , they flopped a straight.

This turn for the worse just made me more determined and I managed to play my way back to a starting stack. I called a raise with 44 and hit my set, but my opponent who had KK shut down his betting on the turn so I was unable to stack them like I would like to have done. I then had a table change and recognised one of my opponents names they were a pro I recognised at the time. The next playable hand I am dealt is QQ and the pro goes all in in early position and they have me covered , I cannot fold QQ and they show AQ, I am in good shape again until the dreaded ace hits and I am out of my first Sunday Million .

The minimum cash probably meant little to the pro but would have been a big boost to my bankroll.

Winning the $215 ticket in the step tournament was my best moment on Pokerstars so far and the most exciting, but I hope to go better than this in the future.