Pokerstars pro Randy Lew known on Pokerstars as Nanonoko gives the beginner No - Limit Holdem player a grounding in the skills needed to progress from a beginner player of No - Limit Holdem poker to a intermediate player.

In the video No - Limit Holdem beginner series part one , Evaluating pre flop, Randy "nanonoko" Lew starts by explaining pair value and how the higher your cards the better the value of your hand. Next Randy Lew talks about unpaired cards and the importance of kicker value. As Randy Lew continues in the video he touches on the subject of suited cards and then on to connected cards, giving the viewer a idea of the value of these cards.

In the next section of the video Randy Lew shows the viewer the different hand rankings in a Category of Hands section starting with Big Pocket Pairs and then covering the Big Aces and the third category is Middle Pocket Pairs before continuing on with Broadway cards , then Suited Aces, Suited Connectors, Small Pocket Pairs and finally covers Other Hands.

Following on from the Category of Hand section Randy Lew covers the importance of The Different Positions at the poker table and the different value each position has, Randy Lew covers the positions under the gun, under the gun pluss one , the three middle positions, the cut off, the button, the small blind and the big blind.

In the section Other Points To Consider Randy Lew covers the topics number of players in the pot , if its multiway or not.

The benefits of being In Position and the disadvantages of being Out Of Position.

Your position relative to your opponent and how this affects your decisions.

The part of the video Evaluating The Action Randy Lew explains how who's in the pot affects your play and why its best to have the iniative at the poker table.

Randy Lew shows the viewer how to proceed when facing a single raise and how your position is again important. Also how your hand strength shrinks when facing a raise and a re-raise.

The final topics covered by Randy Lew include Blind Defense, Stealing The Blinds, The Squeeze play, Limping and the Isolation of limpers.

Randy Lew covers some very important topics for the beginner in this video and will help the beginner immensely.