Played a few micro millions events after qualifying using my fpp points,so basically getting in as freerolls

Event 22 finished 4193rd out of 31712 played what i thought was quite a solid game for me took 1 bounty +$6.65 =$8.75. (busted out with KK v  table chip leader J 10 suited hit 7-j str)

Event 23 finished 1330rd out of 30103 (only 1 rebuy at start+add on)once again played a solid game with a little bit more aggression im learning to use my chips better,  $31.87  (busted out with 99 in bb push 12bb v two, a min raise + limp) could of held on for another rung maybe but i think i did right thing,you have to go for the win!(one day).

overall quite a good night in micros $40+ heres to an even deeper run.

update:- just qualified for two more inc sunday storm +heads up(which ive been credited $3.30 tourny money because it was full.

Out early in both 1 trips busted +storm after waiting ages for a hand got AQsuited in sb 2.2X bb got called floped A78 top pair and nut flush draw,raised got shoved on insta called,you guessed it AK GRRRR!

Monday night event 42 finished 1335 / 19827 for $16.85,gutted got called by a straight chaser for his stack about 28bb,just over 3/4 of mine ihad top pair and kicker sb on bb after he called my pre raise.

(running total micro cashes $57.47)