After visiting poker school,I think ive improved my game going from what most poker players would call donk play being too loose with clearly the wrong hands,to actually getting somewhere in freerolls and 45/90 player mtts,but i think(i know) im being too tight now,only a few days ago i finished 461st out of 23506 in $100k privilege freeroll, wow a big 80 odd cents.but it could of been so much more if i knew how to play with big stack? i was in 4th posn at one stage,still played tight waited for playable hands/posn and all but generally 4x raising but kept getting rr back,and if i stuck my neck out my eg qq would run into ak kk etc bye bye chunk of stack,was this just the way it goes or do i need to do more schooling? help plz, in mtts im now getting a lot further more regular but once again feel im being to tight help? ty anybody ALLAN,(6CHIP AL)