This is the point in time one starts on plotting away with their goals for the year. Well i'm going to start with what not to do for the year,

Absolutely no cash games for the first 3 months of the year, mainly want to concentrate at what i do better at, and that is tournament poker. So i have gone to the gambling responsibly and banned myself from the cash tables, lol need to learn better self control, maybe that should also be a goal!

You cant control results, all you can control is what you do, so thats what i am going to concentrate on

Through this new year i want to become more active in PSO and take advantage of what is at offer here

I want to review sessions i play and get some feedback to fix my game

For the first month i will be taking shots with my bankroll, however from febuary, stay strict with a bankroll management system

Sometimes i have had over 20 hr sessions, this year i will teach myself to stop playing when i start to lose concentration

Play games that i feel are more +ev for me

This year i will start to make my poker better!

If i stick at these simple goals i feel i will have a good year!