In poker its important to set goals and stick to them, I entered the time vault challenge and didn't take me long to stray from my goals. Lately I havn't been going too well on the tables, so I decided to set some goals and stick to them, and in a way in writing blogs as such about my progress will keep me on track and not stray away from my objectives.





I am starting at 1c/2c 6 max cash and want to work my way up through the levels properly. I started with a mesely $18 bankroll. 

Over the course of the 2 days since i started my challenge my graph looks as such...



So i have started off pretty well in the first two days, hoping to keep it up!

Some stats about the 2 days are

i got dealt aces 44 times for a $13.73 profit

ak vs aq, well my aq finished minus $3.42 while my ak's finished $11.11 in front

My most profitable non premium hand was ace 10 off suit with a $6.73 profit

From looking at these figures it sums up fold AQ, but get your chips in with Ace 10 off HAHAHA 

Also i just made it to the micro millions 8max shoot out pay out stage, and hoping to go deep so i better get back to that!