Had a great start to the big bang tournament, after the first hour i was about twice the stack as 2nd place, and was playing really good, i maintained a 2:1 chip size over 2nd place for near two hours, then we hit the bubble period. I had a really good table to dominate the bubble period as everyone at my table was around the 10bb mark, so my plan was just to open shove a lot of hands in late position, and put pressure on any limpers, but i wasnt very happy when every single player was time banking to get into the money, so didnt get many oppurtunities to collect many chips and by the time the bubble deminished my large chip lead was gone and i was sitting around 2nd or 3rd.

At this stage i was playing cautiosly to make the final table.

So the final table i guess everyone will see, i dont feel i made any mistakes but am looking forward to feedback from the commentators about various plays, which were very few. I hate playing well, making a final table, and not going on to top 3. Some may call it greed, but i am always dissapointed on making final tables and not winning. Once i came 2nd for $1200, and i was still dissapointed. I suppose all poker players are dissapointed when they get knocked out early on a final table.

Anyway congrats to the other PSO members that final tabled, especially PROFFESSOR AWE (sorry if i got your name wrong). Professor was at 10bb on my table with about 30 to go, and did amazingly well to gain the chip lead into the final table, well done.

So till the next big bang!