Well we all would like to think we are just unlucky.

But on the rare occassion i can admit "what was i thinking".  

You never want to be involved in big pots with top pair top kicker, especially after the hard work at notching up a nice profit just to lose it all in one hand. It doesn't matter if you win 50 hands and lose one, if the one you lose is the lot. i defanitly need to take some much needed advice and exit a table after 30% profit and reload.

Nearlly every time i grind my way from $30 to more than $120 just to risk it all on a bad hand or not such a bad hand but an unlucky one where i was infront, thats usually the case, but this week i am ashamed to say i made the mistake of a bigginner. However if i followed some reasonable advice and exit at 30% profit and reload all that work wouldn't of been lost. Moral of the story... TAKE  GOOD ADVICE, and stick to it.

Havn't started knocking off my goals yet, mainly due to other commitments such as TCOOP and ANZOPS, who can pass up big tournaments especially to kick off the start of the year, and have the chance at shifting your bankroll into places you only dreamt. Who knows if i do well i mite just have to alter my goals.

Anyway the best thing i can leave you with at the moment, <i>TAKE ADVICE,</i> especially from those who are dominating the tables consistently!