As one of the greats said, take luck out of the game and i am the best, or somewhat to that effect.


Maybe i say this because i am still P***** off with the last hand i played for the night, but should there be some new rules introduced to poker. For example if you get all your chips in and you are an 80% favourite or better the hand automatically ends and you scoop the chips. Some food for thought, or just words from an upset man.


Here is my last hand for the night, maybe the year if it keeps happening...


what a bad run of luck.... i dont have the hand history for this one, maybe cause i was angry and shut my computer off, but i was deep in a tourney, had 109 000 chips, 66 on the button, i 3 bet and we see a flop, 6s 5c 2c, he bets 70% of pot i call, turn is 2s, he checks i bet he shove all in, snap call.... he shows pocket qq' guess what the river was... still not happy


Anyway i'm resting till tomorrow so i don't tilt, see you at the tables tomorrow and think about my new rule suggestion!