So to start things off i'm going to split my bankroll into different sections. Starting off into 4 different areas.


1. 3.50 HU sng's 75 buy ins

2. 3.50 and under MTT sng's  50 buy ins

3. 3.50 and under tournaments 50 buy ins

4. HU tournaments 10 buy ins


In one week i start my quest.


My future blogs will report my progress and how i am feeling about my plays

My HU tournaments is a small bankroll as i'm doing this one for fun. I hope to profit from at least two of these. Whatever i profit from i will concentrate on that more, but am hoping put whatever profit into PLO and NLHE cash games, try and build a bankroll for these games. I hope to better my game in all fields of poker.

Anyway for now goodbye and hope to see you all at the tables!