I dont wanna brag or sound arrogant but thax to the competition in the PSO League, studying videos, reading poker strategy books etc.., I was able to capture 1st place in the month long NAPL tournament. I got a comment yesterday that the "NAPL was just a donkey fest" I beg to differ. There are many regulars that play and in my hmble opinion are great players and have good expierence playing. I on the other hand have only been playing on pokerstars and cards online for that matter since July. That is when I joined up with the PSO.
Top prize for the month wasnt big compare to the big prize PSO pays out but Im proud of my accomplishment. I ended up with a total of 480 pts. (see the NAPL) tournament structure for pts and payouts and a 200.00 top monthly prize. Keep in mind that just like the PSO, consistent play is rewarded. The tournament each night has a 750.00 guaranteed nightly prize and most night that prize usually exceeds that. Last nights tournament had approximately 900 entrants and the nightly avge is right around 800 entrants. Any way, I guess the point im trying to make is that PSO league and all the above that I mentioned really helped gain my small but big goal of winning a competive tournament that tested my endurance, patience and my skills to play a better game. I dont claim to be a pro or even close but I feel pretty good about it.
I sure would appreciate any comments and even advise on how I can improve my game. Thank you to all the good friends I have made in the process and I congratulate my fellow card players on thier fine finish in the tournament as well. Peace.....64salsa