Evening All,

I'm home from work and find out that the blog has been featured on the Community Section.

Wow i'm chuffed that your reading my progress through the poker ranks and thanks for the comments.

It's finally arrived deposit day lets see how i get on....

Well i've made a deposit of $63 and i'm sat at $69 after an evening of poker started on the lowest tables with fixed limit. The fixed limit is an excellent starter for me. This is because i can't over bet and i can pull out without throwing away to much money.

For an evenings poker i think i've played a blinder Poker school equals the long game for me a dollar here and a dollar there, to build up the kitty to $120 then deposit my $60 back? Thats the plan and i'm in no rush to do it.

I started on the lowest stake table but it was not rewarding for me. I settled at $0.05/0.10 table found this enjoyable and found a decent winning stop point when the phone call came through for the Taxi pick up. Something that i might try more of often so i can't say One more go untill my account is at zero.

Just about to have a little go now lol

Thought of the day = Little & often