Whoops played a bit too late last night day two is still day one!

Good news I figured out the shared pot  mentioned on my day one blog 'A' from the lessons and 'B' from it happining to me during a game tonight when i had the highest kicker but the pot was shared. Me A3 other A2 river AKK89 Both win pot on two pairs AA KK and 9 high card if i had A10 i would have won the pot.

School video and tests are going well a few more lessons tonight.

Feel tired though been out for steak, chips and festive ale.

Not playing good poker a couple of quick hands with medium cards to lose all my play money and get knocked out at 6500 of the 10000 people free tournement, played with head phones not focusing really... watching last nights and tonights Eastenders and masterchef because the wife was watching them.

Changed my image the hand face was unlucky. I think that special is much more suited to my game play for all the wrong reasons at the moment. lol

Thought of the evening... Can i play this on the ipad 4, have been doing a little christmas window shopping tonight!

PS am I bonkers typing to myself, to the people who have looked does it mean you've also read?

Good night