Well i guess its time to get serious...playing online for 12 months now! As a hobby nethertheless, grinding through the night! now its time to get serious.... When i start something i like to get to the end of it and i cant stand loosing, so i guess if i keep track of it here ill prove to my self i can really do it!!

Ova the last year i have won a few tourneys and had a 50/50 shot at sng's! largest win to date was a 3.30 1rb 1 addon,  made a deal 2/3 the winner had   3.9 mill, me 1.9 and 3rd 1.5 $600. Made ft in .55 15 times and a few cashes in the  STORM, big 11,22 and 11+rb 20k.

Playing the tables has just started paying off good and hope to go from .25/.50 and 1/2 up to the next level in the next few months! It has been a big improver in my mtt's since i started playing them and had tightend up my game and shown how possition really is so  crutial.

As of today i have started tutorials and coaching as a daily excercise, and its a new out look to poker!! now its come down to a fine art of making money and kik'n sum ass at the tables!!!!

first entry done!!!!