It is quite weird to start my blog with “I Would Like Coaching Because ...," because it looks like I am creating it just for this. But I can swear it is just a coincidence. Pretty good coincidence. I hope.


So, where should I start. I have been into poker for four or five years now. I mean, for lots of  people, it is one of the best things, which mix fun, hobby and maybe some money, all together. But I was too young, when I first heard about poker and during the years, the only way how to play were home games with some friends. But I did not find there the real passion of poker, the real freeze on my back before the river card was dealt. Then, I found online poker...

On the very first day after my 18.birthday, I deposited some money into my newly registered PokerStars account. Just few dollars, but I was thinking something like: „Who knows, maybe I am the prodigy and my dreams come true very soon.“


Then I was like: “Maybe I just was not lucky enough. Lets try it once more.“

False again!

During the period of one year I lost some money, I won some money, but it was not what I expected. It was not that successful career, which I really wanted. At that time, I  had a job (which I still have), of course in poker sphere. Literally, I was, I am and I always will be in touch with poker every single day. In my job (which is something like redactor/editor for local poker site), I found out lots of online poker stories, lots of online poker players, from whose every single one of them have my respect. For what they know, for what they do, for how they do it. Once, I found somewhere on PokerStarsBlog (in that time, for me just crazy) challenges by player well-known as acoimbra. 100 Events during MicroMillions II? Really? From $100 to $100,000? Really? I still remember the day, when I found the photo of Mr.Coimbra in his bed after MicroMillions II, which was pretty funny.

I bet (not really, I am not that type of a guy) that every one participant know Andre Coimbra, so I thnk it is just waste of time writing that I found acoimbras website and learned quiet a lot from there . But I considered, that  this player is so amazing. So cool. Professional Poker Player, who looks like a really great guy to meet.

My, lets say, poker career was in stagnation mode, but I still loved poker more and more every day.

This year  I graduated from High School (pretty good I think), so I did not have enough time to play. I learned that if I am exhausted and I do not have enough time for session, it is just bad, very bad idea to play. I learned it after another $10 or $15 deposits, which just made me sad and I was really thinking of giving up. I was confused, heedless, without focusing on one type of game, without correct bankroll management.


Then the summer holidays came and my only plan what to do during sunny days was not sunbathing or clubbing with friends. I am trying to do something with my life. Not just in personal way (this is not the right blog for this, I think), but in poker way, too. I realised one thing. I want to be the poker player. My next few days were all the same. I was closed in my bedroom with tons of books, with poker videos running on my computer day after day, I registered myself into PokerStars PokerSchool, I learned a lot. Really, A LOT.

Then, PokerStars announced MicroMillions, which is for me with limited bankroll great way, how to prove myself, I can do that. I want to prepare myself for tournaments, I want to stay fit after long sessions, but what is the most important. I want to win.

Even better or lets say, more amazing information for me by PokerStars was opportunity to get free coaching with Andre Coimbra. The same Andre Coimbra about whom I was writing, the same Andre Coimbra, who has my respect as a professional poker player. I missed the first coaching lesson, but here is my second bullet. And right before MicroMillions!

The first question: Why I would like to win?

Is this a serious question Mr.Coimbra? Who would not like to win? I mean, this is a great opportunity, this is the biggest opportunity of my poker life and maybe the last chance to have coaching with PRO. This could be also the highest level of my poker studying plans. As I wrote before, I changed something in my life. And I want to change something more, something in my poker behaviour.

Now I know there is no prodigy without study and improvement, there is no winner without training and there is no champion without sleepless hours spended with poker.

The thing I just do not know yet is, if I can be a better player. If someday I could play higher and if there is some hope that one day I will say: ,,I am professional poker player.“ I know that one coaching session can barely answer me on all these things, but for me it would be more than enough. It would the boost I need, and it would be the hour I was always hoping for.

Now I think I already answered the second question, but I just want to add something in the end. I know, that competition and rivalry among players, whose want to win coaching with acoimbra is big and I dont even know if I have chance to win, but It would help me. It would help me to understand and hopefully avoid my mistakes and it would would help me to live my life. Because poker is the part of my life.

For all participants, I wish best luck and whoever will win, just enjoy the whole session.

Good luck!