In the first post I wrote that to the world of poker I was introduced by a friend who explained to me how it is an interesting and dynamic game. But the first time I played poker was in 2009. and the game was called Governor of Poker. I am sure you herd of it, if not played it. At first I struggled with the game, loosing almost every saloon game but after some time I found the way to easily beat the game. Later I found out that playing with real opponents is hard(er) to beat. I put a poker term into the Google and came across a site where I read a few poker articles and I was completely amazed at how poker depends on the mathematics, rivals and other matters and not on the cards you are holding.

Why do we play poker? Reasons may be many, but one of them is definitely a high amount of money in this game. Everyone wants to make money, everyone wants to be recognized as a champion or become known through this game. How am I describing poker? Poker are not only the players and 52 cards.  Adrenaline play, healthy competitiveness, patience, ability to read rival, intuition, game style, math and probability, statistics, tilt status, constant motivation for learning and adopting, fun of the game and, of course, money.  Unfortunately, in this game there is no system how to win. I firmly believe that one learns best game. I am not saying, however, that we should not absorb good advices which would help the players to improve or that poker books and tutorials are unnecessary. As I wrote before, I use all the help I can get. However, the problem I see with people who rely on these tips is that they end up playing poker like someone else. Even worse - like everyone else. One of the things that makes poker great is the fact that there is not only one true way to success. Each player has its own approach to the game and players own key of success. In my opinion it is important to take what you learn from other players playing with them and incorporate it be helpful to you.

Enough for now.

Stay cool, stay in school, rule.