Long time ago, when I started to invest in myself in form of watching videos or reading books, I have learned that when bad results occur, it is not justified to be angry at the dealer and opponents, or "rigged" software. We should turn to ourselves and self-critically recognize that our knowledge is not good enough or has become insufficient to make the good results. That's why I started with a re-learning to see what I forgot, or have neglected and, of course, to see what's new in the game.

When you finally start to play, it is necessary to strive for utilization of common tendencies. However, playing in the same way against the same opponents, even taking advantage of the common tendency, certainly leads to loss. That is just how it is, because people are not machines. Simply, our opponents are not players who play strictly by the book (although much fall into this group), but have the knowledge and adapt their play to our game. Now, how can we get to the advantage? It is achieved by constant adjustments of our own decisions in relation to a particular game opponents. 

I read somewhere, and I must agree, that these are the tendencies of average opponent:

1. Aggressively plays strong hands.

2. Outside position, plays only when he has something.

3. Trying to see too many flops.
4. When hand is stronger, he bets more.
5. Do not pay attention to the size of bet.
6. Applies basic strategy whenever possible and does not adjust well enough.

So, this is it for now.

Stay cool, stay in school, rule.