I started playing poker by accident, at the urging of a friend. On second thought, I do not know where he got the idea for such a thing, given the fact that by then we did not even talk about poker. However, off we went, from ordinary curiosity and the will to earn a buck. And then I really discovered the magic of poker, both good and bad. Because it's poker: a game that you can at the same time so happy, upset and even angry. But why am I talking to you, all of you who have played a poker for even a short time, knows that. Then a very popular Full Tilt Poker seemed like the perfect poker room to gather some initial experience. Experience is the key word, because that is what we had not have when we started. Not only the experience, but not one read serious articles about poker, let alone a book. This is what the vast majority of novice work, moving in the poker world as the windswept, without any protection. Protection called experience, read books, instructional poker videos viewed.
For this introductory post you'll get a story. The story of how we paid the first $100 of the same $100 lost for several days. Sounds familiar? Of course that it does. For most of you. But there is the minority that those problems did not have and that will become as Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, and the like.


This is it for the beggining post.

Stay cool, stay in school, rule.