Randy Lew aka nanonoko from Team PokerStars Online: No-Limit Hold'em Beginner Series Part 3 - Betting.

I like this video because its explain many kind of flops, the different type each flop and connection between flops. Sometimes it come with dry flops, wet flops, paired board and monotone board. I need to understanding this section because its very important thing to know my hand's strength and my opponent's potential hand. By this, i know how to move : bet, check or raise. Read the flop is difficult thing for me before knowing this video.

I am in confidence after knowing this video section, i am not confuse again like before. In the video also explaining about absolute hand strength and relative hand strength. Relative hand strength explained the possibility the strength hand will be easily beaten by my opponent, this important to evaluating how strong my hand is because i am playing the player. And absolute strenth hand is based on the ranking of poker hand.
Position is better post-flop because i get see what my opponent does first on every street post-flop, i have more option with weak draw such as taking free card, its easaier to get value when i am drawing and hit, and eaasier to keep the pot small against a hand i think is drawng and hit.