Looks like I'm back at my favorite poker training site. It would be much better with Al Spath back teaching and coaching. He had so much to do with the success of the school and was very well liked and respected by all. Maybe I'll get the sponsorship points I earned while a part of Pokerpages? Please look in to that. In case any of you missed my RECORD SETTING performance at the free play WSOP in 2009, I played 47 events, won 5 and made 6 final tables in three different games. I was also the tournament point leader and champion. I know, I get no respect since it was free play but I can also tell you playing the free play WSOP was the most fun I have ever had in poker and I have been playing poker in the card rooms of Los Angeles since I was 19 years of age, 44 years ago. That was one of the reasons I tried to save Pokerpages originally. To keep the free WSOP going and maintain the online school. Looks like Pokerstars has done one of the two so far. Congradulations Pokerstars for your business sense to maintain the online school and it does look like a pretty good over haul so far.