FELLOW MEMBERS I am interested in purchasing Pokerpages. Is the site for sale? Ownership please contact me at my email. If I owned this site I would make many improvements but first I woud create, with memberships assistance, a membership committee to work along with management to help create programing and policies. I would improve the card playing software in many ways. I would expand the games offered to coincide with what's offered at Pokerstars plus add a few new poker games not played any where else plus other card games like bridge, hearts, etc. I would have three memberships. #1 Free membership. #2 Membership for competing for sponsor prizes, money, club ranking and a real sponsorship program. #3 Membership is an Exclusive membership for all that plus ventrilo classes (with Al Spath), study groups and expand Al's staff of instructors and coaches to compete with the best poker instructional sites. We would advertise with all the poker publications plus have a page placed in each magazine to display our membership, activities and programing. Our programing for sponsorships would change dramatically. We would expand upon our free play WSOP and create three other series of free play events, etc. Prizes and prize money can be created with corportate sponsors footing the bill. Just have to put together sponsor proposals of the scope of our programing and operations two years in advance allowing sponsors time to fit us into their annual budgets. I use to work with sponsors in that capacity when I was the President and Director of the Southern California Racquetball Association. There's so much more but for now let's see if the owners will contact me. Do we have any potential investors amongst our current membership? Sailor? I know how to put a business plan together and raise the capital so come on. You have to remember that once it's legal to play internet poker in the US our site can also offer real cash games. This site could be instrumental in helping our industry legalize internet poker in the US by working closely with our industry, national, state and local governments. We can help our world in so many ways once we are making a profit and that probably will coincide with the legalization of internet poker in the USA. Then skys the limit for this site. Maybe the biggest in our industry? Love to hear you opinions and comments. jim