In case any of our members have missed my action around here that's primarily because Al is no longer here and his mentoring classes are no longer available. I'm only playing the senior tournament once a month for now. I guess many of you know I won the one this month. Many of you know I crushed our Free Play WSOP, winning 5 tournaments. I am the record holder in the WSOP. Well that's not the point. The point is I'm a pretty good tournament player and I need constant montoring and players to exchange poker info with to continue improving. We have some really great players here to learn from. Al is my coach and many of yours and we don't have a site to meet at yet. WHAT I AM SUGGESTING Let's bring Al back for a few classes per week. NLH, LH, PLO, S, S8, O8, R Let's just start with two to see how that goes. Stud and NLH. I am suggesting that we each pay the site $25 per month for his mentoring classes and let them pay Al out of that. 50 players equals $1,250. PLEASE VOICE AN OPINION. Many of us communicate with Al regularly. I haven't mentioned this idea to him yet so I'm not sure if he is even interested. With our support perhaps we can get it right again between our sites management and our beloved teacher and friend. PLEASE BE COUNTED HERE AND EXPRESS YOUR OPINION. That includes you NEW JANE. Come on guys! Thanks jim