THIS HAND CAME UP AT THE FINAL TABLE WITH SEVEN PLAYERS LEFT. THIS WAS THE KEY HAND OF THE TOURNAMENT FOR ME. AFTER I GOT LUCKY AND WON THIS HAND I HAD AN EVEN MORE COMMANDING LEAD OVER THE REST OF THE TABLE WITH CLOSE TO HALF THE CHIPS. ANY TIME YOU MAKE A FINAL TABLE OR WIN A TOURNAMENT YOU HAVE GOTTEN LUCKY A FEW TIMES. THIS WAS TRUE FOR ME DURING THIS TOURNAMENT EVENT. I WAS THE CHIP LEADER FROM WHEN THERE WERE 60 PLAYERS LEFT. I HELD THE LEAD ALL THE WAY UNTIL WE WERE HEADS UP. I LOST THE LEAD HEADS UP FOR A COUPLE OF HANDS BUT GAINED IT BACK QUICKLY AND CLOSED OUT THE TOURNAMENT WITH STRONG - SOLID PLAY. TO WIN A POT LIMIT OMAHA TOURNAMENT YOU HAVE TO ME VERY RESILENT TO BAD BEATS AS OMAHA IS A GAME OF HOLDING OR MAKING THE NUTS. MANY BIG HANDS GO DOWN IN SMOKE ON THE RIVER. I HAD TO LAY DOWN A LOT OF BIG HANDS. WHILE THE GAME IS FULL I PLAY VERY TIGHT, PLAYING ONLY QUALITY AND PREMIUM STARTING HANDS. IN OMAHA IT'S VERY EASY TO TRAP YOURSELF WITH OVER AGGRESSION. I DON'T CALL RAISES WITH LESS THEN A PREMIUM STARTING HAND. I GENERALLY ONLY LIMP AND CALL PRE FLOP EARLY ON AND LATER DURING THE END GAME PERIOD I GET MORE AGGRESSIVE AND LEAD MORE. I RARELY DO ANY FLOATING OR TRY TO GET TRICKY UNTIL THE LATER STAGES IN THE TOURNAMENT. I TRY TO PLAY FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND POKER THE ENTIRE TIME AND MAKE AS FEW MISTAKES AS POSSIBLE. HAND ANALYSIS-HAND # 562,894,804-FP WSOP EVENT #35 PLO-BUY IN $500PSO-80 ENTRIES=$40,000 PSO 7 PLAYERS REMAINING Seat 1 y0m0ny $120,000 Seat 2 oflush $ 38,000 Seat 3 flyingryan $ 68,000 Seat 6 DRron $ 22,000 Seat 7 wiredbull $ 58,500 Seat 8 runngunnin $ 36,000 Seat 10 harrythepro $ 59,500 Pre Flop B flyingryan SB DRron $ 1,500 BB wiredbull $ 3,000 UTG runngunnin Call $3,000 Seat 10 harrythepro Call $3,000 (10h, 9s, 8h, 2s) Seat 1 y0m0ny Call $3,000 (As, Ks, 7d, 4h) Seat 2 oflush Folds Seat 3 flyingryan B Folds Seat 6 DRron SB folds Seat 7 wiredbull BB calls POT $13,500 Four players see the flop. Flop (Jh, 7c, 4d) Post Flop wiredbull checks runngunnin checks harrythepro bets $6,500 (half the pot) y0m0ny raises $26,500 (pot) to $33,000 wiredbull folds runngunnin folds harrythepro all in $23,500 to 56,500 y0m0ny calls $23,500 Heads up. Harry all in. We go to the turn then the river to settle our fate. Harrythepro had the nut straight draw, I had two pair 7744 going to the turn. MY THINKING PRE FLOP Harrythepro was to my immediate left and he had been raising pre flop a lot, playing like a maniac most of the time. Harry is the type of maniac who has a wide range of hands to lead pre flop but tightens up after the flop. I had been folding a lot of hands I might have played if Harry hadn't been so loose and aggressive pre flop. Many players think that limping and folding is showing weakness but I think Omaha is the kind of game where it's normal to limp and fold pre flop, as long as you don't do that often. Unlike Hold em in Omaha you want to see as many flops as possible cheaply and generally everyone limps a lot. So, being on Harry's immediate right, I'm waiting for the right opportunity and starting hand to take advantage of Harry's wide opening range. I'm trying to control the table and the amount of chips each players has to the best of my ability. Up to that point I had double the chips of the second and third position players and everyone else was basically in all in mode. Harry accumulated chips and doubled up getting into 3rd chip position right before this hand. After wiredbull and runngunnin checked harrythepro bet half the pot. Since he bet half the pot I felt like he was trying to buy the pot with a high pair of a straight draw. I had been folding to most of his bets and raises up to that point. Since I had two pair and had a very tight image I felt confident I could get everyone to fold with a pot size reraise, representing trips or two pair with a straight draw, etc. I still would be chip leader at this point if I lost and I could always throw my hand away if wiredbull or runngunnin came over the top with a pot size bet. I didn't expect harry to raise all in with 9 outs and an unmade hand, but he did. I stopped and thought for a minute. The call pre flop and the half pot bet he made after the flop, I felt, gave his hand away as either a straight draw or top pair, so I made the call thinking I had the lead, which I did. If I lost the pot I would still be in the top three chip positions. The turn produced the 10s and gave Harry his Jack high straight. At that point I was thinking I probably needed at least trips to call Harry's all in bet. To everyones shock, especially Harry's I hit the mircle 4c on the river making the full house. TURN 10s RIVER 4c y0m0ny wins 126,500 with a full house 44477 harrythepro finishes 7th Now, after getting lucky I had a commanding lead of $187,500 and even more confidence. Second chip position had $68,000. The rest is history, winning my fifth tournament of the FP WSOP. THIS HAND ANALYSIS IS POSTED HERE AND IN THE FORUM IN THE HAND ANALYSIS SECTION. TO MAKE OR READ COMMENTS GO TO THE HAND ANALYSIS SECTION IN THE FORUM. HOPEFULLY THIS BLOG WILL MOTIVATE YOU TO DO YOUR OWN HAND ANALYSIS. THIS IS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE DOING A HAND ANALYSIS WRITE UP FOR OUR SCHOOL. I INTEND TO DO MORE, HIGHLIGHTING THE FINAL TABLES OF OUR FREE PLAY WSOP.