Playing the sit and goes is great practice for final table appearances. We have single table sit and goes for most games; nlh, lh, plh, plo, oh/l, 7 stud, razz, 7 stud h/l and mixed or horse. What i am noticing is that the only sit and goes that are active here are the nlh, plo and oh/l. If i wanted to play in any other game i would have to wait from 30 minutes to several hours or in some cases i wouldn't get a game at all. We can do better than this. Once again it's primarily up to our existing members to recruit their friends and the poker players they meet to come here and play. With 5,000 new players playing on our site we could fill up all those sit and goes regularly, plus attract more sponsors and pso prize money. If you are playing in a live poker room start wearing your pokerpages hat and shirt. Maybe our maqnagement could start giving away as prizes; hats, shirts, etc. For our tournament wins, etc. Maybe we can create a page flyer from this site to copy and hand out. Also we should have an advertisement page in the card player and bluff magazines so we could provide regular monthly articles about what is going here. Let's market and promote our own free play, free roll, tournament series similar to the free play wsop we are playing now. Have it coincide perhaps with pokerstars or fulltilt's online tournament series, etc. Of course the tournament series will carry the sponsors name and logo. How about an energy drink sponsor or how about a grand prize of a new car, etc.? Question: Are we going to upgrade our poker playing site soon? We need to be able to deal draw games with one to three draws, we need a player coding system with note taking capacity and we need to up- date and improve the design of our hand history. There are many more improvements we could make here but it's going to take many more members for us to afford these improvements. Make sure and attend al's twitter class and any other that can help us generate more student playing members .